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What Happens When Your Roof is Replaced


  • Your contractor strips the old roof and inspects for areas of damage

  • Any necessary repairs are made to the decking

Leak Barriers

  • Installed at all areas where leaks are most likely to occur

  • Essential for preventing future leaks


  • Underlayment is installed everywhere the deck is exposed

  • Helps prolong the life of decking

Starter Strips

  • Installed at all edges of the roof

  • Help prevent wind and water from getting under shingles


  • 85% of residential roof replacements use asphalt shingles

  • Choose a brand with a third-party endorsement


  • Vents let heat and moisture escape from the attic

  • Keeps your energy bills low and protects your health

Shingle Caps

  • Aesthetic and functional way to cover peaks and ridges

  • Improve roof's protection against wind and water

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