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About Us

Personalized Approach

Chris Warren, Owner of Warren Roofing, LLC visits each house to inspect the roofs to provide an accurate estimate and also visits each job upon completion to ensure client satisfaction. Chris is able to provide quality roofing systems at fair prices. Upon request, we would be happy to offer our customers a list of references for peace of mind. As a roofing apprentice to his father for over fifteen years prior to starting Warren Roofing in 2005,Chris has extensive knowledge in all areas of roofing. Being a small business, Warren Roofing's goal is to achieve complete trust from our customers by offering exceptional customer service and roof systems. Warren Roofing is "Committed to Top Quality Roofing."

Knowledge and Professionalism 

As a member of the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association, Warren Roofing is knowledgeable of the latest technological advances in the roofing industry. All employees take pride in our customer service and are experts at the craft by focusing on doing work on shingle and metal residential roofs. Our roofing crews perform the work we do, we do not sub-contract any of our jobs to ensure the highest level of quality is achieved and every code is met. Safety is a priority as well as job site cleanliness.

Insured and Guaranteed

Warren Roofing is fully insured with Workman's Compensation and General Liability. With a track record in quality roofing, Warren Roofing is backed by top manufacturer credentials.

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